Save and restore previous versions of your emails

Save a version

Versions capture your current email, settings, and all dependencies (assets and components) and can be restored at any later time. Save a new version with the Version button in the upper right corner.

Up close image of the top right corner of the Parcel window. The Versions button has been clicked, revealing a menu with two options, "Save current version" and "View version history".
Screenshot showing the new Versions button

Specify a name for the version and optionally a description.

Up close image of the "Save a new version" dialog, which contains a text field for "Name" and another for "Description". Below are Save and Cancel buttons
Screenshot showing the save version screen

You can only save a new version if your email (or any dependencies) have changed from the last version. If nothing has changed, you'll see a notification that the new version was not saved.

Up close image of a notification that would appear in the bottom right corner of the window. It reads "New version is identical to last saved version so will not be saved".
Screenshot showing the notification when a user tries to save an identical version

View previous versions

View all existing versions of an email in the same menu. The version view page has a difference comparison between that version and it's predecessor (if any exists). You can switch between split or inline difference view, and use the arrows in the upper right to jump between differences. Show/hide auto saved versions with the drop down menu in the upper left corner.

Image of the version history page. On the left side is a list of previous versions, with the most recent version at the top. The main section of the window includes a block of HTML code that highlights the differences between the selected version and it's predecessor. The top includes the version title and creation date as well as options to "Restore this version", jump between changes, and switch between "Split" and "Inline" difference views.
Screenshot showing the version history page

You can restore an older version at any time. Select your desired version and click the blue Restore this version button. After a confirmation, the system will auto-save your current email as a new version and then restore the earlier version.

Auto Versioning

Business users can opt-in on a workspace level to daily auto versioning, which will automatically version every email in the workspace, once a day. Find this option in each workspace's settings page.

Up close image of the workspace settings page, focused on the "Daily Backup" section. The text reads "Auto version all the files in this workspace, once a day". Below is a toggle switch and a Save button.
Screenshot showing the auto version opt-in switch