Tracking pixels for your emails


Create and Use a Pixel

Click the Analytics button on the left sidebar. Click the New Pixel button, specify a name for your pixel, and click Create. You'll be brought to that pixel's analytics page. At the top is a code excerpt, which you can copy and paste into your email.

Silent video of the Parcel window. The cursor moves to and clicks on the "Analytics" button on the left sidebar, which brings the user to the Analytics page. The user then clicks on the "Create Pixel" button, which reveals an editable text field and a save button. The user types a name into the text field, and then clicks the Save button. The page is redirected to the analytics page for that particular pixel, which contains several sections. At the top of the page is a block of HTML code and a "Copy to Clipboard" button, which the user clicks.
Screen recording showing how to set up a webhook

Pixel Loads

Each time a pixel embedded email is opened, a pixel load is saved.

Pixel Analytics

There is an analytics page for each pixel. This page includes graphical information about the rate of opens, color scheme, device, reading time, and other metrics.

Workspace Analytics

In addition to the individual pixel analytics, there is also an analytics page for all pixels on the workspace.