Importing From Your ESP

Send an email to your Parcel workspace from anywhere

Importing an email is as easy as sending an email. Send an email to your workspace's import address to have that email magically imported into Parcel.

Import Email Address

Navigate to workspace settings by clicking on your workspace name, and then Edit Workspace.

Silent up close video of the upper left corner of the Parcel window. The cursor moves to the Workspace name in the upper left, and clicks on it, revealing a menu that contains the names of the other workspaces, as well as "Edit workspace" and "Create workspace" options. Edit workspace is clicked and the page navigates to the workspace settings page (not shown).
Screen recording showing how to get to workspace settings

Copy your import email address. Each workspace has its own import address.

Image of the workspace settings page with several sections. One section has the title "Send from your ESP into Parcel". Below the title is a long email address (partially blurred) ending in "". To the right is a button labeled "Copy", and below a description reading: "Send emails to this address to auto import them into Parcel. Learn more about importing emails."
Screenshot showing the import email address for a Demo workspace

Send any email from anywhere to the import address, and that email (including HTML, Text, and AMP) will appear in your workspace in a top level folder called Imported from Inbound Email. The newly created email in Parcel will inherit your sent email's subject as it's name, with a timestamp appended.

Up close image of the file tree. There is an autogenerated folder titled "Imported from Inbound Email". Inside the folder is an imported email titled "SentFromGmail - Imported Feb...".
Screenshot showing the newly sent email, subject 'SentFromGmail' in the workspace file tree