Image Validation

Image validation checks that all your images are loading, secure, and optimized. Access the Image Validator by clicking the Images button in the bottom right corner. Parcel will attempt to load each image. If the button says In Sync, then the validation results match the code. If you make code changes, the button will change to Refresh. Click Refresh to run the validator check again.

Silent video of the full Parcel window. A sample email is displayed in the editor and the preview. Under the Preview are several buttons, including one labeled "Images". The user clicks on this, which expands to a mini window with a button labeled "Validate" and the text "Check that all your images are loading, secure, and optimized". The user clicks and drags the top edge of the window to stretch it to a taller height. The user clicks the validate button, which is replaced with a list of images found in the email. The top of this mini window lists "21 valid, 1 error, 0 warnings", and has a button labeled "In Sync". Each image is listed with a thumbnail, the url, the image dimensions, loading time, file size, file type, and security status (secure/insecure). The user types some new text on a line in the editor, and the "In Sync" button changes to "Refresh". The user clicks the "Refresh" button and the image list re-updates.
Screen recording demonstrating the Image validation tool