Inbox Previews

See how your email looks in real inboxes on real devices

Inbox previews allow you to view your email in a variety of inboxes from real devices/apps/clients.

Getting started

To access Inbox Previews, you must be on a Pro or Business plan, with the Inbox Previews base plan (which includes an additional cost). Inbox Previews are charged monthly based on total account usage. Go to the Billing page to see and change your current plan(s).

Inbox Previews

Click on the Previews button at the Preview to switch from the Browser Preview to the Inbox Preview. You can filter by current OS versions, and there are many mobile, desktop, and tablet devices to choose from. Select the previews you want from the list. Click continue. The preview selection panel will be replaced by all of the previews. Live previews will be displayed automatically. Inbox Previews must be loaded - do this by either clicking the refresh button above each preview (loading that individual preview) or by clicking the refresh button at the top of the page (loading all previews). Each Inbox Preview loaded counts towards your usage. You can easily differentiate between Live and Inbox previews by the colored label either above or below each preview.

Silent video of the full Parcel window. A sample email is displayed in the Editor and the Preview. The user clicks the "Previews" button above the preview window, which replaces the window with a new screen. This new panel has a search bar, filter button, and a long checklist of different devices divided into categories ("Mobile", "Desktop", "Web", "Tablet"). Next to each checkbox entry is a colored box reading either "Live", with a red background, or "Inbox", with a blue background. The user clicks the filter button, revealing a menu with options to include "Inbox Previews" and/or "Live Previews", the "Latest Versions" or "All versions" of the operating systems, browsers, and color scheme. The user exits this menu without changing any options, and then clicks the "Select all" checkbox for the mobile devices, which selects 20 devices. Some of the devices selected are labeled "Live" and others are labeled "Inbox". The user clicks the "Continue" button, and the device selection screen is replaced with a new screen. This new window has square-cropped previews of the email for each selected device. The "Live" previews show a preview of the email, while the "Inbox" previews are still blank. The user clicks the "Refresh" button at the top right of one Inbox preview. The blank square is replaced with a loading symbol and then again replaced with a square cropped screenshot of the email in Gmail. The user clicks on the Gmail preview, which is then opened full screen within the Preview window. After reviewing the preview, the user clicks the "Minimize" button at the top and is returned to the previous view with multiple previews.
Screen recording demonstrating how to use Inbox Previews

You can view the Inbox Previews in Grid or Card view.

Inbox Preview Groups

Inbox Preview Groups are available for you to easily save frequent previews you test with for resuse. If you know your audience is based in a majority on iPhones, save these previews as a group to easily test with on your next email instead of hand selecting them each time you need to QA.

Create an Inbox Preview Group

Groups are available across workspaces, meaning that your team can stay aligned with one another during your email QA.

To edit email groups or add previews, you will need to recreate the group and delete the old one.

Email Parts

Unlike the Live Previews, Inbox Previews only display HTML/MJML content. Text and AMP email parts are not reflected in the Inbox Previews.


Take a full length screenshot of any preview by clicking the Screenshot button directly above it. Take a screenshot of every preview in the grid view by clicking the Screenshot button at the top. Screenshots will be saved to your computer in the directory of your choice.


Users can see their individual usage in the bottom left corner of the window (below the file tree).

Admins can view their entire account Inbox Preview usage on the Billing page.