Email Design Systems

Stop fighting with your team. Create on-brand emails.

Build emails faster with powerful, reusable components. Create guardrails for your team so that designs never stray and they can focus on the message, and not on the colors.

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Leverage components and collaborate with ease

Walk through an email design system and take inspiration to implement your own. From base components and variants to global styles.

Templated content

Granular control over your emails

Lean on the power of components to build an email design system that works both in code, and for your marketers in the visual editor.

Develop modular components (e.g., headers, footers, content blocks) that can be easily assembled and customized.

Create a cohesive yet flexible email design system that can adapt to various needs without deviating from the overall brand identity

Define what can be changed in the Visual Editor and what can only be altered with code.

per user / month

Invite your team of editors and set the loose without fear. Bring stakeholders in no additional cost.

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Of all the tools I use regularly, Parcel is the one I would be kicking and screaming about if you tried to take it away from me.
Sean Collins, VP of Growth Marketing

Collaborate with ease

For teams both big and small

Email design systems are the key to streamlined production — for both big and small teams. With dedicated user roles that define content editing permissions, two editing environments, and the ability to collect feedback within Parcel, your whole email production takes place under one roof.

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With Parcel, you'll never need to send another correction email