Problem Checker

The Problem Checker tool helps you find and fix errors in your code.

Writing code can be difficult. The problem checker will analyze your code and highlight bugs or mistakes. Access it via the "Problems" tab in the bottom right corner. Click on any problem to be brought to that section of code.

Silent video of the full Parcel window. A sample email is displayed in the editor and the preview. The vertical scrollbar for the Editor is sprinkled with small red squares, which indicate problematic lines. Under the Preview are several buttons, including one labeled "Problem Checker". The user clicks on this, which expands to a mini window with a list of code problems. The user clicks and drags the top edge of the window to stretch it to a taller height. The top of this mini window lists 290 errors and 2 warnings. The errors and warnings are divided into sections by code type, "CSS" and "HTML". Each issue specifies the problem (often a missing character or mismatched closing tag) and the relevant line and character number. The user clicks on an issue and the editor jumps to that line of the code.
Screen recording demonstrating the problem checker tool

The Problems tab automatically updates every time you stop typing. You can see where problems exist in your code from the red and yellow squares on the Editor scroll bar. Problems are likely to cause rendering issues while warnings are recommendations to improve code quality.