For Teams

Parcel is a team tool for email developers. Collaborate with your team, share pages, and get feedback on your work.

Email is a team sport. Whether you need to make a slide deck to show off your new welcome sequence or you have a full team of email developers, Parcel has the tools you need to work together effectively.

User roles

User roles are a great way to work with your entire team without the extra cost. Parcel has two main user roles and an additional two user roles with limited capacity (which do not add cost when inviting them into Parcel).

You can view your user role under your user settings.


Viewer roles are the most limiting and can be used to include anyone on your team interested in primarily using Parcel to export emails. These roles could be given those that are not interested in any account settings, editing code, or QA. The viewer role, in addition to exporting emails, can send tests.


Billing, self-explanatory in nature, can be used to allow team members to export invoices or update account billing details easily. They will be unable to update the code.


The editor role allows users to code, edit, and QA, without any worry of workspace deletion. These roles do not have the capacity to edit account settings or update billing information, but


This role has no restrictions and includes all permissions. Admins can add workspaces, update billing and account settings, code, QA, and export.

To update or amend any user roles, an Admin can do so from their member settings page.

Collaborative editing

Skip the FTP server and git. Add your team members to easily store all your emails in a central, cloud-based location. Work together collaboratively on the same file at the same time.

Share Pages

Share pages for live demos that can be shared with your team or the world. The preview is live, so everyone is always looking at the latest and greatest version of your email.

Approvals and Feedback

Share a live link to any email that allows others to leave comments and callouts on your work.


Get full length, high resolution screenshots for presentations and proofs with a single click.

Inbox Previews

See how your email looks in real inboxes on real devices.

PDF Proofs

Export a PDF proof for detailed reviews, which includes previews, validation, and more.

Shared snippets

Create and shared snippets to work better together with reusable code blocks.

Multiple workspaces

Organize your work into compartmentalized workspaces by brand, client, region, team member, etc. Parcel is flexible to fit your workflow.