Unlock achievements for completing actions within Parcel.

Much like in a video game, a variety of actions you take within Parcel will unlock achievements. Each achievement, when first achieved1, comes with a notification and celebratory confetti.

Silent video of the full Parcel window, without any files open or in the file tree. The user clicks the + button at the top of the file tree, revealing a menu with several options. The user clicks "New Email", and a new file is added to the file tree, which the user names. Once the file is created, there is a small explosion of confetti in the lower right corner of the screen, which then slowly falls downward and fades. Concurrently, a notification appears in the same region that reads "NEW ACHIEVEMENT; Endless Possibilities; Create a New Email". The notification also includes a small image of a blank notebook page with a pencil.
Demo of the 'Create a new email' achievement

Users can view the achievements they've unlocked and the ones they haven't in their profile settings page. Completed achievements will be at the top of the page and have a colorful image. Incomplete achievements will be lower on the page and have a grayscale image. Click on any achievement on the achievements page to be brought to the docs page for that action.

Image of a portion of the Achievements page. At the top is a partially completed progress bar and the text "Completed 2 of 50 (4%)". Below is a section titled "Completed", which contains two achievements. Each achievement has a title, description, and full color image. Below is a section titled "Incomplete", which contains two additional achievements. These achievements also have a title and description, but their image is grayscale.
Screenshot of the first four achievements on the achievements page


  1. Achievements were introduced 04/11/2022. "first achieved" is the first occurrence of the action on/after this date, even if the user had previously done the requisite action for the achievement.