Learn how to embed an email on your own site.

You can embed an email (code and preview) on another site. In the upper right corner, click Share. Change Only team members can view to Anyone with the link can view and then click Embed. You can customize what type of embed you get, what it includes, how it is formatted, etc. You'll see a live preview of what the embed will look like.

Silent video of the full Parcel window. A sample email is displayed in the editor and the Preview. The user clicks the share button, which reveals a menu. The menu contains a dropdown list with two options: "Only team members can view", and "Anyone with the link can view". The user changes the option from "Only team members can view" to "Anyone with the link can view", which adds two new buttons to the dialog, labeled "Copy Link", and "Embed". The user clicks the "Embed" button, which opens the Embed dialog full screen. The Embed dialog has a list of configurable options in labeled sections on the left side bar, and a miniature version of the share page on the right, with the same sample email displayed in the code editor and preview. Below the miniature share page view is the <iframe> code required to embed the preview and a button to copy that code. The user navigates through several of the configurable options, adding the "Text" part of the email, displaying only the Code portion, switching the editor theme from dark to light, and then adding a note to a highlighted line.
Screen recording demonstrating the embed features

When you're satisfied with the embed configuration, click the Copy button in the bottom right to copy the embed code to your clipboard. Paste the embed code on your own site to show off your amazing email!