Search for text in your files

The search bar at the top of the file editor allows you to quickly search for matching search queries in all of your files. Type the text you wish to find and press Enter. Depending on the size of your workspace and number of matches, returning search results may take a moment. The results window shows you how many matches exist total and per file part. The matching text is highlighted with an excerpt of the line around it. You can collapse any file's results. Click on any result to be brought to that section of your code. You can toggle case sensitivity (off by default) with the button on the right side of the search bar. Close the search results by clicking the X in the right of the search bar.

Silent video of the entire Parcel window. The cursor moves to and clicks on the search field above the file tree in the left sidebar. The search string "Email" is typed, and results from different files are displayed, with the matching text highlighted. The cursor moves to each file result and clicks on the file name to collapse the results from that file. The
Screen recording showing search results for the search query 'Email' with case sensitivity off and then on

If your search query is too broad and returns more than 10,000 matches or 250+ files, the search results will be truncated and the total number of matches may be incomplete. You'll see a warning about this limitation when it occurs.

Up close image of the search bar with the search string "`<div>`" typed. Below the search bar reads "17,029+ matches in 25 files. Only a subset of all matches are shown. Be more specific in your search to narrow the results".
Screenshot showing the warning that results from too broad of a search