Spellcheck is a feature that checks your email for spelling errors.

The editor has an integrated spellcheck. Words that are spelled incorrectly will have a blue squiggly underline. If the spellchecker has suggested replacement words, they will be under the quick fix menu.

Up close image of the code editor. The word "email" is misspelled "enail" and has a blue underline. Above the text is a hover overlay that reads "'enail': Unknown word". There are buttons for "View Problem" and "Quick Fix".
Screenshot showing a misspelled word
Up close image of the spelling suggestions for the misspelled word. The list includes suggestions like "Rename to enlil", "Rename to entail", and "Rename to email".
Screenshot showing suggested spellings

Email level languages are set via the <html lang= attribute. See the table below for supported languages. You can use multiple languages in a single email: <html lang='en,es'>. The spellchecker will not mark any lorem ipsum text as incorrect.

Languages Supported

Language attributes are case insensitive.

Languagelang attribute
English (American)en
English (UK)en-GB

If you'd like to have spellcheck support for an additional language, please let us know.

Add a word to your workspace dictionary

Each workspace contains it's own customizable dictionary. Add or remove words to your workspace dictionary in the Workspace settings page, or in the quick actions menu.

Up close image of the code editor, focused on a jibberish word, which has a blue underline. The user has right clicked on the word, revealing an inline menu with an option to add that word to the workspace dictionary.
Screenshot showing the 'Add to workspace dictionary' feature in the quick fix menu

Disable spellcheck

If you wish to disable spellcheck, you can do so in the Editor Preferences pane. Turning spellcheck on or off requires a page refresh to take effect.