Share Page

A publicly shareable version of your email

Generate a share page for your email from the sharing menu in the editor. Share pages are public and can be viewed by anyone with the URL, even those without a Parcel account.


Easily change the page layout with the Layout button in the upper right. Chose between the default split view (half code, half preview), full page code, or full page preview.

Up close image of the layout button and menu in the upper right corner of the share page. The "Layout" button has been clicked, revealing a menu with three options "Split", "Code", and "Preview".
Screenshot showing the layout options

Resize the preview in split view by dragging the divider left/right or entering a pixel width value in the bottom right corner.

Send a Test Email

Just like within the Workspace, you can send a test email from the share page. Click Send Test in the upper right corner and then add up to 5 email addresses. You can also change the email subject (the email title, by default) and prevent inbox threading. The Prevent threading checkbox makes the subject line unique so your inbox won't group the test email with previous sends.

Up close image of the top right corner of the share page, showing the Send Test button and dialog. The email name, "My First Email" is displayed. A checkbox labeled "Prevent Threading" is checked to the right. Below is a text field with two email addresses and a "Send" button.
Screenshot showing the send test menu


The share page is also editable. Changes made to the code will update locally in the Preview, but will not affect the original share email. Refreshing the page will reset any changes made. Once you start making changes, you'll get an option to save the email to your own workspace. If you are already signed in, the email will be added to your most recently used workspace. If you are not signed in or do not have an account, you'll be prompted to first sign in or register before having access to the saved email.

Silent video of the full share page. A sample email is displayed in the editor and the Preview. The user changes some text in the editor, and the Preview updates to match, A notification appears in the bottom right corner, that reads "Looks like you've made some changes! Do you want to save this email to your workspace?" Below the message is a "Save" button.
Screen recording demonstrating editing in the share page