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Code Editor

A code editor that knows email

Email code is different from websites. It breaks HTML formatters. Comments are actually code. It uses non-standard CSS that isn't used anywhere else. Your editor should handle all of that, and so much more.

Code formatting

Stop manually formatting code. Use Parcel’s formatter to keep your code beautiful – even ghost tables.

Find problems

Parcel scans and reports errors with your code and helps you fix them whenever possible.

HTML, Text, and AMP

Create your HTML, Text, and AMP versions neatly organized in the same file.

Eliminate guesswork

Parcel provides email-specific autocomplete and hover information using cutting-edge sources like Can I Email.

Live Previews

More than just a preview

Every email has tens of thousands of potential rendering previews. That’s a lot to deal with. We’ve taken the idea of a live preview even further to help you stay in the flow, remove uncertainty, and test faster.

Inspect Element

Click on any element in the preview to jump to that exact spot in the code. Spend less time digging through your code.

Focus Mode

Never leave the keyboard as the element you are editing is highlighted and scrolled into view.

Impairment Emulation

Simulate visual impairments to ensure your emails are accessible to all of your subscribers.

Design Systems

Move faster with components

Need to empower your teammates to create on-brand emails? Have parts of the email that should stay in sync everywhere? Changing the content of repeated blocks over and over? Create components to simplify your workflow and stay on brand.


Optimize your code with the flick of a switch

Just a few minutes of configuration can eliminate hours of work. Automatically shrink your code, inline your CSS, remove unused code, and more!

CSS inlining

Automatically inline your CSS with a single click and avoid the headache of manually inlining styles.

Avoid getting clipped

Keep your email as small as possible by automagically stripping out unused CSS, removing whitespace, and shrinking classnames to just a single character.

Format the output

Want your code to be formatted perfectly when you export it to your ESP? You can do that!

Send tests to real inboxes

Send unlimited test emails to yourself and up to 9 of your teammates with just two clicks.

Designed for speed

Any action can be performed from the command palette.

Global search

Search across all your emails instantly to find that magic snippet you created.


Quickly reuse blocks of code with snippets. Share them with your team to keep everyone using the latest code.


Using Emmet shortcuts and a few keystrokes, watch a block of code appear.

Multiple cursors

Insert multiple cursors when editing your email to quickly modify repeated code.

For Teams

Email is a team sport

Whether you need to make a slide deck to show off your new welcome sequence or you have a full team of email developers, Parcel has the tools you need to work together effectively.

Invite your team

Skip the FTP server and git. Add your team members to easily store all your emails in a central, cloud-based location.

Organize in workspaces

Organize your work into isolated workspaces by brand, client, region, or team member. Parcel is flexible to fit your workflow

Public share links

Share an email to quickly get feedback, ask for help from fellow #emailgeeks, or demonstrate a new technique.

And there's even more!

Full exports

Download a ZIP folder of the processed HTML, AMP, and text of any email.

Image blocking

See what your email looks like with all images and remote files blocked


Capture as many screenshots as you need.

Remote data

Load data from spreadsheets, RSS feeds, or JSON APIs to use when generating your email


Choose your theme, font, font size, and more so your editor feels like home.


Run your email content through spam assassin to get it's spam score.

Link validation

Ensure all your links are working and go to the right location.

Image validation

Make sure that all the images in your email load and are secure.

Code problems

Scan your HTML and CSS to find any syntax errors in your code.

Expanded table view

Outline all tables, table row, and table cells so you can find missing cells.

Accessibility checking

Find critical accessibility problems in your email.

PDF proofs

Export a PDF proof containing all the details about your email

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