Inspect Element

The Inspect Element tool allows you to easily find your HTML code that produces specific elements in the preview. Enable it by clicking the Inspect Element button in the bottom left corner of the preview, or with the keyboard shortcut CMD SHIFT C (on Mac) or CTRL SHIFT C (on Windows). Mouse over any element in the preview window to see more information about it. When you've found the element you want, click on it to be brought to that section of your code. When you are done with the Inspect Element tool, click the button again to deactivate it.

Silent video fo the full Parcel window. A sample email is displayed in the editor and the Preview. The user clicks the "Inspect Element" button in the bottom left corner of the Preview. The button has a reticle icon. When clicked, the button becomes blue. The user mouses over the preview. As the cursor passes over various elements in the Preview, they are highlighted in various colors, and a hover overlay appears with additional information about the element, including its name and various attributes. The user clicks on a particular element, and the code in the editor jumps to the line of code that produced that element.
Screen recording demonstrating the Inspect Element tool