The Preview window exists by default as a pane on the right side of your screen. It's a live preview of your current code that auto updates whenever you stop typing. You can resize the preview, explore different screen dimensions, block images, or simulate visual impairments.


You can manually refresh the preview using the Refresh Icon button in the top left of the preview or via the command palette.

Screen recording demonstrating the preview

Raw Preview

If you prefer to use the browser's built in developer tools, you can view the HTML content of an email rendered in your browser. Right click on any file in the file tree and then click Open raw in new tab.

Screen recording demonstrating the raw preview

Pop out Preview

If you like working with multiple screens, you can pop out the Preview into a separate tab.

The pop out preview has the same functionality as the in-window Preview.
Screen recording showing how to pop out the preview

Simply close the preview tab to restore your workspace to the default layout.

Screen recording showing how to restore the in-window preview