An overview of the editor preferences

You can adjust settings for your email editors by clicking Preferences in the Parcel menu or with the shortcut CMD , (on Mac) and CTRL , (on Windows). These settings only impact your personal settings, not other users in your account.

You can change:

Up close image of the preferences pane. It has two sections - "Editor" and "Theme". The "Editor" section is visible, and includes a series of toggle switches, drop down menus, and numeric inputs. The options shown are as follows: "Font Size - controls the font size in pixels."; "Font family - controls the font family"; "Word wrap - whether lines should wrap or not"; "Tab size - the number of spaces a tab is equal to"; "Insert spaces - insert spaces when pressing Tab"; "Minimap - Whether the minimap should be displayed."; "Code checker - Whether code checker should run (page refresh required)";"Spellcheck - whether spellcheck should run (page refresh required)"; and "Hover Overlay - Whether  the mouse over hover overlay information is visible (page refresh required)"
Screenshot showing the editor preferences panel

Close the preferences window by pressing Esc or clicking elsewhere on screen.


  1. Requires a page refresh to take effect 2 3