Focus Mode

Focus Mode allows you to keep the preview aligned with the code you're working on. Enable it by clicking the Focus Mode button in the bottom left corner of the preview, or with the keyboard shortcut CMD SHIFT M (on Mac) or CTRL SHIFT M (on Windows). As you navigate to different sections of your code, the preview will jump to the matching location and outline the relevant element. When you are done with Focus Mode, click the button (or keyboard shortcut) again to deactivate it.

Silent video fo the full Parcel window. A lengthy sample email is displayed in the editor and the Preview. The user clicks the "Focus Mode" button in the bottom left corner of the Preview. The button has a computer mouse icon. When clicked, the button becomes blue. The user scrolls through the HTML code in the editor, stopping periodically to click on various lines. When a line is clicked, the resulting element in the Preview is temporarily highlighted with a blue box. When the user clicks a region of code off screen from the current Preview, the Preview jumps to that element.
Screen recording demonstrating the Focus Mode tool