Learn how to upload files to Parcel.

You can upload existing files to the workspace by clicking the + button at the top right of the workspace. We also recommend importing from your ESP if you are looking for an easy way to bring emails into Parcel.

Up close image of the file editor, which contains a single file. There is a plus icon in the upper right, which has been clicked, revealing a menu. The menu contains three options: "New Email", "New Folder", and "Upload". The Upload option is selected.
Screenshot showing the upload button in the workspace

You can also upload them by dragging and dropping them onto the sidebar.

Silent video of the entire Parcel window with a Mac Finder (file explorer) window on top. A file is selected from the Mac file explorer and dragged into the Parcel file explorer. When the file is released, it is added to the Parcel file explorer.
Screen recording of uploading an image via drag and drop

When you upload files, they will be added to the currently selected folder or next to the currently selected file.

Uploading Emails

You can upload your existing emails with the following extensions.

File TypeExtensionsMIME Type
HTML.htm .htmltext/html
Email Message.emltext/eml

Importing via your ESP directing is available on the Pro and Business tiers.

Screenshot showing the import from ESP option.
Screenshot showing the import from ESP option.

Uploading Images

You can upload images for easy use in Parcel. Parcel support uploaded images for previewing purposes only, and should not be used for hosting.

File TypeExtensionsMIME Type
jpeg.jpg .jpegimage/jpeg

File and folder names cannot contain /,\,|, <, >, :, ",?,* and must be less than 100 characters.