Email Analytics

Move beyond simple opens

Enrich your marketing strategy. Get granular audience data, email client breakdowns, dark mode/light mode split, and answer your burning questions.

Engagement Data

Understand your subscribers

Shape your marketing strategy with actionable data. From audience details ranging from geolocation, read time, and email client breakdown, you can finally dig into questions like "is sending at 6 am ET too early?" and "do people read my emails?".

Machine Detection

Human? Machine? Split the difference.

Dig into the impacts of automatic opens from Apple MPP and proxies from Gmail and Yahoo that can interfere with engagement data. Filter out the noise.

We identify and allow you to easily filter out any emails affected by Apple's Mail Privacy Protection so you can trust your data.

Proxy servers hide your recipients' location and device information. We remove this noise from the relevant data automatically.

Bots inflate your opens and hurt your business metrics.

Email Client Breakdown

Design for your audience

Understanding your subscribers can lead to better design decisions. Make progressive enhancements based on knowledge of what device your subscribers read their email on and how dark mode will change an existing email landscape.

Progressive enhancements

Power your email innovation

Every pixel comes with built-in detection for progressive enhancements. No more wondering which if you should include GIFs or if subscribers are seeing your fancy hover effects. We've got you covered with cold, hard data.

per 100,000 opens

Measure statistics that enrich your marketing strategy and simplify your code. Only pay for what you use.

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If you code emails ever, you need to check out Parcel. It's the best thing since sliced email.
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Control your data

Export your data from any campaign. Quickly bring it into Google Data Studio and slice and dice the data any way you like.

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Measure statistics that can enrich your marketing strategy and simplify your code