Audit Log

Learn how to access the audit log, which logs all user actions in Parcel.

Access the audit logs in Settings. Only admin users have access to the audit log. You can view the most recent 500 log results on the audit log page, or download all the results as a CSV.

The system logs a variety of user actions as audit logs. These logs are in the format:

timestamp | userName | userEmail | userRole | userStatus | action | metadata | ipAddress | userAgent

where metadata is an object containing (where relevant) the workspaceId , nodeId, path, and type (for node actions - see below for metadata for other actions). Actions follow the naming convention: TYPE - ACTION where TYPE could be NODE, USER, ACCOUNT, etc, and ACTION is a descriptive single word such as VIEWED, OPENED, CREATED, or DELETED

Id Information

IdentifierWhat information it contains object with the date/time of the action
userNameFirst and last name of the user, as provided in initial account creation
userEmailUser's email address, used to log into Parcel
userRoleThe user's role in Parcel. Only admins can access the log.
userStatusThe user's current status - 'ACTIVE' for current users, 'TERMINATED' for removed users
actionThe action done
metadataObject containing additional information about the file that the action is taken upon.
ipAddressThe IP address of the user when the action was done
userAgentThe user's user agent, which contains identifying information about their browser and OS

Metadata - Node Actions

The metadata object contains the following information for every logged NODE action. Each metadata value is a string.

KeyWhat it is
workspaceIdUnique identifier for the workspace, which is account specific
nodeIdUnique identifier for the node (file, folder)
typeFile type that the node is ('ROOT', 'EMAIL', 'COMPONENT', 'ASSET', 'FOLDER')
pathThe file path to (and including) the node

Node Actions

ActionWhen It's Triggered
NODE - CREATEDWhenever a user creates a new file/node in the workspace
NODE - VIEWEDWhenever a user opens a file in the workspace (including after file creation)
NODE - DELETEDWhenever a user deletes a file from the workspace

Email Actions

ActionWhen It's TriggeredMetadata
EMAIL - EXPORTEDWhenever a user exports an email as a zip, copied HTML, or PDF{emailId, type, workspaceId, path, options}
EMAIL - IMPORTEDWhenever an email is imported into Parcel by inbound email{subject, toAddress, fromAddress, nodeId, path}

where type is either 'zip', 'copied', or 'pdf', depending on the export. options is only included with PDF export and includes the selected PDF options.

Version Actions

ActionWhen It's TriggeredMetadata
VERSION - SAVEDWhenever an email version is saved{versionId}

Snippet Actions

ActionWhen It's TriggeredMetadata
SNIPPET - CREATEDWhenever a user creates a new snippet{snippetId, name, trigger }
SNIPPET - VIEWEDWhenever a snippet is viewed{snippetId}
SNIPPET - DELETEDWhenever a user deletes a snippet{snippetId, name, trigger }

Account Actions

ActionWhen It's TriggeredMetadata
ACCOUNT - UPDATEDWhenever a change is made to an account{update}
ACCOUNT - CREATEDWhen an account is first created{accountName}
SUBSCRIPTION - CREATEDWhen an account subscription (paid plan) is started{plan, interval}
SUBSCRIPTION - UPDATEDWhen an account is up or downgraded between paid plans{oldPlan, newPlan}
SUBSCRIPTION - CANCELEDWhen a subscription (paid plan) is canceled
SUBSCRIPTION - RENEWEDWhen a canceled subscription is un-canceled
SUBSCRIPTION - ADDON ADDEDWhen an addon is added to the account{addonId}
SUBSCRIPTION - ADDON REMOVEDWhen an addon is removed from the account{addonId}
BILLING - UPDATEDWhen billing information (credit card) is changed

User Actions

ActionWhen It's TriggeredMetadata
USER - INVITEDWhenever a new user is invited to your account{email, role}
USER - CREATEDWhenever a user account is created, including from an email invite{email, name, invited}
USER - UPDATEDWhenever a user changes any settings/preferences related to their account{userId, update}
USER - DELETEDWhenever a user is removed from your account or closes their own account{userId, email}

Workspace Actions

ActionWhen It's TriggeredMetadata
WORKSPACE - CREATEDWhenever a new workspace is created on your account{workspaceId, workspaceName}
WORKSPACE - UPDATEDWhenever a change is made to workspace level settings{workspaceId, name, settings}
WORKSPACE - DELETEDWhenever a workspace on your account is deleted{workspaceId, workspaceName}
WORKSPACE - EXPORTEDWhenever a workspace is exported as a zip{workspaceId, workspaceName}

Feedback Actions

ActionWhen It's TriggeredMetadata
COMMENT - ADDEDWhenever a user adds a new comment on a file
COMMENT - DELETEDWhenever a user deletes a comment on a file
REPLY - ADDEDWhenever a user replies to a comment
REPLY - DELETEDWhenever a user deletes a reply