User name

You can change your display name at any time by clicking on your user name in the bottom left corner and then Edit user. Enter a new name and click the blue Update button. This name will be visible to anyone who has access to your account, and is how we'll address you in any communications.

Screen recording showing how to change your user name

User Profile Image

You can add an user profile image. Images should be square, <2MB, and either .jpg, .jpeg, or .png. Open the user menu and select Edit user. If you do not yet have an image for your profile, you'll see a blue circle with the first letter of your email address in white text. If your email address is associated with a Gravatar, you'll see your Gravatar. If you have previously set an image, you'll see that image. Click on the blue circle/image to upload a new image. The profile image is visible to anyone with access to the workspace.

Screen recording showing how to add a new user image

You can replace your profile image at any time by following the same steps.

Screen recording showing how to change user name and profile image

Inviting a new user

Invite a new user to your account via the Members page. Add their email address and specify their role and the workspaces they can access. You must select at least one workspace to invite a user. You can later add or remove them from additional workspace(s).

Screen recording showing how to invite a new user

When the new user accepts your invite, a new seat will be added to your subscription plan.


Parcel users can have one of two roles, Editor and Admin. User roles are specified in invitation or can be changed in the members settings page.

Screenshot showing how to change a user's role
Screenshot showing how to change a user's role
View and download Audit Log
View and edit billing information
View account name
Edit account name
Invite new users
Remove existing users
Change role of other users
Change their own user name
Add their own user image
Export snippets
Create a new workspace
Rename a workspace
Delete a workspace
Add/remove a workspace image
Change workspace user permissions
View custom words for the workspace dictionary
Add custom words to the workspace dictionary
Create and edit emails


In the upper right corner of the left sidebar is the notifications menu, where notifications for the user are displayed. The badge number on the icon indicates the number of unseen notifications. Notifications are considered seen once they become visible in the notifications menu. New notifications are unread and will have a blue dot on the right side and colored text. Click on any notification to mark it as read, which will remove the blue dot and redirect you to the relevant page. The timestamp denotes when the relevant action occurred, which is not necessarily the time the notification was created. Notifications are sorted by timestamp descending.

Screen recording showing the notifications menu. Note that the notifications shown are samples and may not be representative of the messaging shown to users.