Take a screenshot of the preview window

You can take a screenshot of the preview window at any time. The Preview will be captured exactly as it looks with the set dimensions. It may take a moment for the screenshot to save. You'll be prompted with a file dialog to save the screenshot where ever you'd like, just as you would any file. The screenshot will save as a .png.

Screenshots can be taken from any Live or Inbox preview, in any view. In views with multiple previews, screenshots can be taken of individual previews (with the button above each individual preview), or of all previews at once (with the button at the top of the preview window). Multiple screenshots will download as a zip of PNGs.

Silent video of the full Parcel window. A sample email is displayed in the editor and the preview. The user clicks on the "Capture screenshot" button in the upper right corner of the Preview. The button becomes a spinner as the screenshot is processed. A moment later, a computer save dialog appears and the user saves the new image to their computer.
Screen recording showing how to take a screenshot of the preview
Screenshot of the sample email, as displayed in the Preview in the video above.
Resulting screenshot