Take a screenshot of the preview window

You can take a screenshot of the preview window at any time. The Preview will be captured exactly as it looks with the set dimensions. It may take a moment for the screenshot to save. You'll be prompted with a file dialog to save the screenshot where ever you'd like, just as you would any file. The screenshot will save as a .png.

Screenshots can be taken from any Live or Inbox preview, in any view.

Silent video of the full Parcel window. A sample email is displayed in the editor and the preview. The user clicks on the "Capture screenshot" button in the upper right corner of the Preview. The button becomes a spinner as the screenshot is processed. A moment later, a computer save dialog appears and the user saves the new image to their computer.
Screen recording showing how to take a screenshot of the preview
Screenshot of the sample email, as displayed in the Preview in the video above.
Resulting screenshot