MSO Support

Parcel has first-class support for Microsoft Office code.

Syntax Highlighting

MSO comments only run in Outlook email clients. Conditional comments have proper syntax highlighting in the editor, visually distinguishing them from regular comments.

For example, the following comment:

<!--[if true]>
<table role="presentation" width="100%" align="center" style="background:#EEE">
    <td style="width:600px;background:#ffffff;padding:24px;">


Up close image of the code editor, showing the same code above excerpt with colorful syntax highlighting
Screenshot showing the same block of code with proper syntax highlighting in the editor

Disabling syntax highlighting

Users can disable this syntax highlighting which will instead highlight the code in grayscale.

Silent video of the Parcel window. The code excerpt above is featured on screen with colored text. The user navigates to and clicks on the Preferences button in the left sidebar, which launches the Preferences pane. The user navigates to the section in the Preferences pane for "MSO Syntax Highlighting" and switches the feature off. The user returns to the Editor and shows that the code excerpt is now in a grey colored font.
Screen recording demonstrating the MSO syntax highlighting option

Auto Complete

Parcel suggests MSO CSS properties as you type. In the editor, start typing mso- and you'll get access to all available MSO CSS properties. Keep typing until you find the one you want, and then press Enter to auto complete it. You can also navigate the popup suggestions menu with the cursor or arrow keys.

Silent up close video of a portion of the editor. The user begins to type "mso-", which reveals an inline menu with suggested ways to complete the line. The user selects one and it is auto filled on the line.
Screen recording showing the MSO suggestions and auto complete