Check your email's spam score with SpamAssassin

Parcel integrates SpamAssassin so you can easily check if your email is likely to be caught in spam filters. Check your email's spam score by clicking the SpamAssassin button in the bottom right corner. You can re-run the SpamAssassin check at any time by pressing the Refresh button. The lower the score, the better. Higher scores are more likely to be sent to Spam.

Silent video of the full Parcel window. A spammy sample email is displayed in the editor and the preview. Under the Preview are several buttons, including one labeled "SpamAssassin". The user clicks on this, which expands to a mini window with a button labeled "Scan" and the text "Scan your HTML and text through SpamAssassin. Catch issues before you send". The user clicks and drags the top edge of the window to stretch it to a taller height. The user clicks the Scan button, which is replaced after a moment with a score and SpamAssassin breakdown. The top of this mini window lists the text "5.4 Score; Lower scores are better. Aim for a score less than 5." and a button labeled "Refresh". The "5.4" is in large red text. Below the score is a breakdown of the point distribution that explains where each aspect of the score comes from. The first explanation reads "2.5 - BODY: Money back guarantee". The user removes the offending text in the editor and clicks the "Refresh" button. The checker re-runs and produces a new score of "0.7", which is now displayed in large green text.
Screen recording demonstrating the SpamAssassin checker on a bad email and a good email

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