Message settings

Style your base component

Message settings appear on the right of the canvas. These are attributes you can set on your base component. You can open and close it by clicking the gear icon.

A screenshot of the right-hand side of the Parcel window when the visual editor is open. The gear icon in top right of the visual editor is selected. A list of attributes appears for message settings.
Message settings to the right of the visual editor canvas.

If you're building an email from scratch in the visual editor, we add <x-base> behind-the-scenes as the outermost element in your email. You can edit the properties of this component through Message settings.

If you've made your own base component, you need to add componentType: 'root' to your component's <script> tag first:

export const config = { 
    label: "CIO Base" ,
    componentType: "root" 

Then you'll be able to modify its properties from Message Settings.