Conditional component

The conditional component can be used to MSO conditional comments. This component is designed to be used inside other components, including customer components that you create.

MSO conditional comments are a way to target specific versions of Microsoft Outlook. There are a large number of potential conditions that can be set to target specific versions of Outlook so this input is left as a string to allow for maximum flexibility.

<x-conditional condition="!mso">
This will not show in Outlook
<x-conditional condition="mso">
This will only show in Outlook

This component also allows for opening and closing tags to be set separately. This is useful when you want to wrap opening element tags and closing tags separately.

<x-conditional condition="true" tags="open"/>
<x-conditional condition="true" tags="close"/>
<p>This will be wrapped in a table in Outlook</p>
<x-conditional condition="true" tags="open"/>
<x-conditional condition="true" tags="close"/>

X Conditional Properties

One of: open, close