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  • 1.9.0 Preference Center

    Preference Center

    We released a new email preferences centers to make it easy to get only the emails you are interested in.

    Real Time Collaboration Experiment

    There is a new experimental feature for real time user collaboration. Users with this experiment enabled can edit emails simultaneously and see the cursor and edits of their teammates in real time.

    April Fools Fun

    For a limited time, the Editor now has additional handwriting and other esoteric fonts to supplement the standard mono-spaced fonts. Users are prompted to try a new font at random, with the option to easily restore their original font.

    Improvements and Fixes

    • Folders and images can now be duplicated with the right click menu
    • Exporting a workspace now includes a text file with any custom words
    • Fixed an issue that caused MJML emails imported from the share page to break
    • Corrected an issue that could cause redundant tabs for the same file
    • The left sidebar can now be resized farther
    • There is a new Copy code button in the Source window to easily copy the source code - this functions the same as Export -> Copy HTML.
    • Edit Workspace page has been renamed to Workspace Settings