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  • 1.1.0 Accessibility Checker, Dark Mode, class and ID autocomplete

    Accessibility Checker

    Parcel provides an accessibility checker so you can easily check your email for accessibility issues and best practices. This validation is free - we want to help email developers create better and more accessible emails.

    Access the checker from the Dev Tools panel in the bottom of the preview - click the Accessibility tab and then the Check Accessibility button. The checker will evaluate your email and return a list of issues, sorted by severity. Collapse any severity group by clicking on it's header. Click on any issue to be brought to that spot in the code. Under each issue is a longer description that is linked to an external webpage with more information.

    Screen recording demonstrating the new Accessibility Checker

    The Accessibility tab also provides access to the Headers and Landmarks tools, which highlight the h1-h6 headers and page landmarks in the preview. When enabled, each header or landmark (and any content enclosed) will be highlighted with a colored labeled border. This overlay will not show up in screenshots or affect your output Source.

    Screen recording demonstrating the Headers and Landmarks overlays

    Read more on the accessibility blog post and launch tweet.

    Dark Mode in Preview

    The preview now supports dark mode, which alters the appearance of code that includes the prefers color-scheme:dark CSS media feature. You can choose between light mode, dark mode, or system via the new color scheme button above the Preview.

    Screen recording demonstrating light, dark, and system mode in Preview

    Preview dark mode is available on the Pro and Business tiers.

    Class and ID autocomplete

    Parcel now will autcomplete your class names and IDs using the class names and IDs in your <style> tags.

    Screen recording demonstrating the class and ID autocomplete

    Fixes & Improvements

    • Improved the HTML to AMP converter to be more robust and more accurate.
    • Fixed an issue with the inline error checker where results were obscured if the problematic line was at the top of the editor.
    • Improved server stability and performance.
    • Improved in-app customer messaging around email limits.
    • Added Parcel to the list of projects that use axe-core.
    • Added a new settings page for the showcase experiment for public emails.