Accessibility tools for everyone

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Avi Goldman@theavigoldman

Let's talk about accessibility in email. It's a hot topic right now.

It's something we know we should focus on, but struggle to find the time. It can feel fuzzy. A moving target. And it's hard to get right.

My friend Stephanie called out that it's difficult for some marketers to improve their accessibility when so much of it is tied to the markup of the email. And she's right. We need to push our tools to create more accessible markup.

However, many of us do have control of our markup. We should take advantage of that to push the bounds and create innovative and accessible emails.

We want to support that work. It's an important endeavor for us as a community to establish standards and best practices and to make them easy to implement.

That's why today we are releasing a new accessibility checker. Free for everyone.

This is not our first accessibility tool and it won't be our last. It's not perfect, it doesn't catch every issue and cover every concern. But it's a step forward.

Screen recording demonstrating the Accessibility Checker

I'm excited to continue learning with you all and driving towards the goal of treating all our subscribers with respect. If you have ideas on how we can improve these tools, don't hesitate to reach out!

Happy sending!

Avi Goldman

P. S. I'd like to thank Mark Robbins, Rémi Parmentier, Stephanie Griffith, Megan Boshuyzen, and Jay Oram for their insights and support in this!