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You may notice that Parcel has a new logo. It might not seem like a big deal, but to us, it is! This comes with’s beautiful new brand identity as we grow from a single product into a platform. acquired Parcel in August of 2022. And from the inside, I've been blown away by the team. The Customer Success team has made our support world-class. SRE has improved the stability and scalability of Business operations have helped us improve our billing practices. Design and Product have pushed us to deliver beautiful updates that meet our industry-leading standards.

And all the while, we've been working on building the future of Message Creation.

When we first joined, we decided not to put the logo on the Parcel website. We've seen so many acquisitions in the email industry go poorly, and we wanted to communicate we weren’t going to make any changes that would impact your ability to do your work. We upped our free tier and kept our heads down to serve you.

Now, after so many of you benefited from the hardworking team behind the scenes, it’s become clear that we can better serve you under a single name, single team, and connected platform. Simply put, Parcel is made and supported by the brilliant team, here to serve our shared users and the entire email community.

And to reiterate from the sentiment from the initial acquisition, we’re excited about what’s to come, and we hope you are too!

Happy sending,

Avi Goldman Founder