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Parcel joins
Parcel joins

Our last blog post started with “Today is the day” in reference to launching inbox previews, approvals & feedback, analytics, and real-time collaboration. Frankly, I should have saved that line for today because today I can announce that Parcel has been acquired by! 🎉

To say we’re excited is an understatement.

Both Parcel and share the ambition to create the best email marketing experience on the market. Joining forces, is committing to investing in Parcel as a separate product that works with any ESP. As the saying goes, “two heads are better than one.”

On Wednesday, August 24th at 10am PT/1pm ET, Colin and I will host a Fireside Chat to answer community questions and give live insights into what we hope to accomplish in the near and distant future now that we are partnering. Registration is open for anyone who wants to attend!

If you aren’t able to attend, I’ll outline the gist here (pun somewhat intended). has long recommended Parcel to their customers and believes that email marketers and developers should have tools made specifically for them. The features that we build at Parcel will continue to be built for marketers and developers. At the core, this acquisition will help accelerate the growth of Parcel. That’s it, that’s the gist!

I can tell you about some exciting things going live today that come with the backing of! As of today, Parcel subscribers on the free tier will have access to:

  • 50 emails - removing the default limit of 5. You get an email, you get an email, YOU get an email (I hope everyone is picturing the famous Oprah gif).
  • 50 snippets - giving all marketers and developers that ability to create reusable blocks of code.
  • Live previews - so that dimension size previewing, and the option to simulate visual impairments can be available to all Parcel users.
  • HTML validation - so that everyone can review the destinations of their links, and double check that their images are secure.

We hope that by unlocking a few of these features that were previously only available on one of our paid tiers, more marketers will be able to learn, build, and develop emails. We’re excited about what’s to come, and we hope you are too!

Happy sending,

Avi Goldman