Visual Editor Release

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Naomi West@emailfromnaomi

We’re excited to share that we’re releasing the first of many features to enable non-technical marketers to edit emails built with best-in-class code without the stress of entering the code itself.

For some, this will mean a developer creating an email in code and passing it over to a marketer to make copy edits without having to touch the code at all.

We’re creating an environment where developers and marketers can work together in the same file, in their most comfortable environment.

This experience is currently available as a feature flag, and to turn it on, admins can toggle it on under Experiments.

Switching from the code editor to the visual editor, and editing text.
Switching from the code editor to the visual editor, and editing text.

What is available today

Now, email creators can turn on “Visual” mode and easily edit the content of their email while maintaining the same styling.

We first shipped text editing (editing text that is within a p, h1-6 and a elements).

Now, email creators can also edit links, and images in their emails. An important and vital part of email creation!

Coming up

Over the coming weeks and months, we anticipate expanding upon this feature with:

  • Adding and editing bullet lists
  • Dragging and dropping components
  • Setting global styles

As we continue to build out the visual editor, we will update this blog post to continue to show off what is available!