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  • 2.36.0 Small screen UX & Visual Editor improvements


    • Only one user can edit a file at a time in the visual editor
    • Made UX improvements for small screens
    • Autofocus name input on workspace


    • Fixed an issue that was causing a covering overlay in the Visual Editor.
    • Fixed an issue that cause the source code panel to change sizes. The source code panel will now keep it's size when switching to and from the visual editor
    • Fixed an issue that was causing the source code to expand when switching back to code from the Visual Editor
    • Fixed an issue that was making the tooltip description color not visible
    • Fixed backslashes breaking the visual editor
    • Fixed auto reconnection with the collaboration server
    • Fixed #isolated directive from throwing an error in preview when using a name
    • Preview now stays in sync with visual editor
    • Fixed encoded characters breaking the visual editor

    Experimental feature updates

    Visual Editor

    • Updated the color picker to extract colors from the message
    • When toggling to the full properties menu, the selected state is kept
    • Add component config when insert menu is enabled
    • Resizing images with drag handles sets value in pixels not percentages
    • Hid the x-base component from the visual editor
    • Added message settings to the visual editor
    • Update to the properties menu ordering inside the visual editor