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  • 2.24.0 PDF Export Improvements


    • Share button has been added to the "share" navigation when sharing with team member
    • Resolve assets path is now deterministic and shorter
    • Analytics dashboards are now faster
    • Numbers included on analytics dashboards now have commas
    • Added improvements to PDF exports to auto-fill the current user for the sender name and current email address
    • Improved link and image validation for PDF exports
    • Auto-extract the preheader instead of asking the user to manually enter it for PDF export
    • Added a timeout on image validation of 5 seconds with 3-retries


    • Fixed bug of showcasing a horizontal scroll bar on test sends on Windows
    • Fix turning on a personalization engine turns off standard HTML autocomplete/hovering
    • Fixed select menus not readable on windows
    • Fixed overflow issue on feedback form
    • Fixed bug where autocomplete wasn't working with personalization engines turned on
    • Fixed asset names changing and having number strings added when exported