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  • 2.18.0 New Experimental Navigation

    Feedback & Approval upgrades

    • Ability to edit and add formatting to comments in Feedback
    • Support of comment replies
    • Comments show the number of replies
    • Replies can be deleted
    • Slack integration is now available to funnel comment notifications to select channels

    New Navigation

    • User menu and notifications have moved to the top right
    • You'll now see a notification badge when there is a new product update that has not been seen
    • Feedback has changed to Get Feedback
    • Connected status has moved to the bottom left
    • Presence icons are now squares instead of circles
    • Swapped the order of Snippets and Files
    • Open files are now nested in the left-hand navigation
    • Left hand navigation titles now include an arrow and are no longer capitalized
    • New insert menu lets you add components and snippets
    • Swapped the component icon from a generic code icon to the standard component icon
    • Moved the used transformer count to the "Transformers" tab
    • Status menu has been tightened up
    • Email Analytics and New Email button have been swapped


    • We now support Handlebars as a personalization templating language engine

    Accessibility auto-fixes

    • Accessibility auto-fixes can now be automatically applied through a new Transformer

    Scroll my email

    • We've removed the requirement to upload a screenshot. Upload an HTML or EML file instead of a screenshot to generate a scrolling GIF


    • Improvements to link validation
    • Improvements to image validation
    • Empty states to the sidebar when you don't have any emails and/or snippets


    • Fixed a bug where the CSS clean up transformer left behind a comma when removing unused CSS classes
    • Fixed a bug with CSS getting encoded
    • Fixed a bug with the URL parameters not properly removing data ignore attributes
    • Tabs are now restored on refresh
    • Fixed a bug with the default email not having an inbound email address