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  • 2.35.0 Experimental feature updates & bug fixes

    Website updates

    • We added a new “Security” page linked in the footer for SOC II compliance purposes

    Experimental feature updates

    Visual editor

    • Markdown support: # at the start of text to convert to a heading (h1-h6 supported)
    • Markdown support:
      • **text**=bold
      • *text*=italic
      • __text__=bold
      • _text_=italic
      • ~text~=strikethrough
    • Markdown: backspace at the start of a header, converts it to a paragraph
    • Misc UI improvement for the editor - cleaner “Add block” button, simpler UI for insert menu, support for presets to have a preview image or an icon (before it was just an icon)
    • Added support for adding placeholder text in the editor that is always visible even when the component is not selected
    • You can now drag and drop images into the visual editor
    • You can now click the “Choose” button to open the image dialog
    • Border width property is now one input when collapsed instead of two
    • We added a close button to all pop-up menus in the visual editor
    • Pressing space in buttons now works

    Next generation components

    • Fixed incorrect encoding of quotes in next-gen components


    • Updated new colors for editor - no more editor blue, we now use the theme colors
    • Calendar tool now provides a set of links for easy copying


    • Fixed an issue with next-gen components couldn’t be duplicated
    • set() css function can now insert a number
    • Fixed bug that allowed for content to still be editable while in a sleep state
    • Comments in-between conditionals led to the if and else blocks being rendered in the next-gen components.
    • Non-admins can no longer toggle experimental features in the workspace settings
    • ESP syntax would cause a rendering issue with the next-gen components. We now auto-escape all ${} we find in the message content
    • Blank CSS values were being added to the output. i.e. background-color: ;
    • The “upload…” button would not open the upload dialog
    • Image paths wouldn’t get updated in certain cases and would lead to broken image paths
    • x-spacer now default to 8px in height and jump by 2px for each step
    • Errors from outdated renders in the visual editor would lead to the error dialog.