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  • 2.37.0 Drag-and-drop release


    • The Visual Editor now supports drag-and-drop

    Command Palette

    • The command palette button has been removed

    Visual Editor

    • <x-head> is now a component


    • Users will receive a nicer error message when they forget to enter a file name
    • We now support share links specifying a workspace id
    • We shipped partial render optimizations around deleting components and resetting properties.
    • Shipped an improvement for how Parcel looks on small screens
    • Component default content now contains a <div> around the <slot/>
    • Improved the snippet creation modal
    • The Code/Visual/Feedback tab no longer shows up on component files


    • Fixed an issue that was showing the "Developer" user role as "Editor"
    • Fixed an issue that was changing the colors on the feedback menu
    • Fixed an issue that created misalignment on the badge on the welcome button
    • Fixed an issue with <x-base> that does not accept colorScheme property input
    • Update #isolated docs to include adding a value

    Experimental Features

    • Image and video alignment doesn't have initial value
    • All tool buttons should have a selected state