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  • 2.4.0 MJML & workspace improvements

    Upload MJML files

    Parcel now supports direct uploads of MJML files!

    Contact Support

    Need to report a bug? Have a question? Want help with upgrading your account? You can now contact support through the left-hand side of your navigation.

    Fixes and Improvements

    • "Files" has replaced Workspace in the left-hand navigation. Files is inclusive of workspace-specific emails, assets, and components.

    • Actions such as creating a new email, duplicating, renaming, or moving files to another workspace show on hover in the left-hand navigation.
    • Active line styles in the code editor have been restyled
    • Analytics, is now referred to as Email Analytics in the sidebar
    • Navigating snippets and files with your keyboard is now much easier with our new tree component!
    • The status bar underneath email previews has been removed
    • Inbox previews now have their own tab in the email preview. Switch between Browser, or Inbox Previews to QA your email as you design.
    • Test emails now will be sent from
    • The connected status has moved from the bottom of the left-hand navigation, to the top of the left-hand navigation
    • The collapse button has been moved next to the "New email..." button
    • Moved the "Versions" button next to the "Format" button in the editor actions