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  • 2.2.0 Passwords, Snippets, and Image Optimization


    For those that prefer an alternative to the magic link sign in method, you can now create a password to log into Parcel with. You can find this option underneath your Account Settings - Security.


    The workspace got a refresh this week! Snippets have moved into the left-hand navigation as a collapsable view similar to emails and folders. You can still search, and sort them. By default they will be ordered alphabetically.

    Snippet Previews

    You can now preview your snippets! The same experience you get when previewing your emails is now applied to snippets.

    Fixes & Improvements

    • Marketing and transactional emails that originate from Parcel will soon have different subdomains.
    • Email test sends that originate from Parcel will soon have a different sending domain.
    • Disabling Prevent Threading, the feature that prohibits emails from threading in the inbox is now only available on the Parcel Pro or Business plan. By default, if the same test email is sent multiple times, all emails will land in the inbox with unique subject lines containing the timestamp it was sent.
    • Parcel achievements (the fun notifications you receive inside the product when you accomplish certain actions), have now have their images decreased by 60%. A good reminder to optimize your images for their used sizes!
    • Fixed an issue with component JavaScript being executed in incorrect circumstances