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  • 1.10.0 Raw Preview, Confusable Characters

    Raw Preview

    If you prefer to use the browser's built in developer tools, you can now view the HTML content of an email rendered in your browser. Right click on any file in the file tree and then click Open raw in new tab. This will open a new tab with the HTML content of the email. Unlike the in-page preview, the raw preview is not live - refresh the page to see the changes.

    Screen recording demonstrating the raw preview

    Highlight Ambiguous Characters

    The editor will now highlight Unicode "confusables" - characters that look very similar to characters commonly used when programming. Mouse over any highlighted character to see an explanation of why it is highlighted. Note this does not highlight smart quotes.

    Screenshot of the editor showing the new confusables highlighting
    Screenshot of the editor showing the new confusables highlighting

    Improvements and Fixes

    • Emoji autocomplete only triggers if there is a leading space before the :
    • Corrected an issue that could cause AMP generation to fail with a blank HTML email
    • Updated the old Parcel logo on the share page
    • Fixed an issue where the command palette send test function sent an outdated email
    • Improved the stability of Focus Mode
    • Improved internal error handling
    • Added online status indicator to workspace
    • New editor loading symbol