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  • 1.0.0 Version 1 Launch

    We're thrilled to announce that after 18 months of work, Parcel is coming out of beta and into Version 1! Version 1 brings exciting new features and the start of our new Business subscription tier, which offers even more functionality for teams and professionals.

    New Subscription Tiers

    Parcel now has three subscription tiers. Pick the tier that best matches your needs and budget.

    Community (Free)

    The community tier is for anyone who wants to try out Parcel. It's free to use - ideal for those prototyping and testing emails.

    Pro ($29/user/month)

    The Pro tier is for professionals building production emails. It includes all of the features of the community tier plus screenshots, uploadable assets, multiple workspaces, more test send recipients, more shared users, and access to powerful snippets and components.

    Business ($56/user/month)

    The Business tier is new with the Version 1 launch. It's the highest feature tier and unlocks all current Parcel functionality - perfect for teams and companies working at scale. The Business tier adds remote data fetching, web scraping, one click AMP generation, and SpamAssassin.

    Full list of features

    Folder organization
    Create folders and subfolders to organize all your emails and assets.
    Syntax highlighting
    HTML and CSS code is highlighted when inside of MSO conditional comments.
    AMP support
    Build and test AMP versions of your emails along side the HTML and text versions.
    Multiple workspaces
    Compartmentalize work into different workspaces to stay organized.
    -5 workspacesUnlimited workspaces
    Generate Text
    from HTML Generate the text part of an email from the HTML with one click.
    Generate AMP
    from HTML Generate the AMP part of an email from the HTML with one click.
    High-speed HTML and CSS text expander.
    The number of emails you can create.
    Unlimited test sends
    Send live versions of your email to your inbox.
    5 recipients10 recipients20 recipients
    Email groups
    Organize email addresses into groups for faster sending.
    Asset uploading
    Upload your images for easy use in development.
    Quickly insert reusable code.
    Live preview
    See changes to your emails as you make them.
    Multiple previews
    See how your email looks at multiple common device screen sizes simultaneously.
    Pop out preview
    Split the Preview to a second window so you can work on two screens at once.
    Impairment emulation
    Simulate visual impairments to ensure your emails are accessible.
    Image blocking
    See how your email looks if the images don't load.
    Capture screenshots
    Turn emails into screenshots, with just one click.
    Developer Tools
    Inspect element
    Click on any element in the preview to jump to that exact spot in the code.
    Focus mode
    Keeps the code you are editing visible in the preview.
    Expanded table view
    Highlights table borders to help identify table based layout issues.
    Can I Email
    data See how well supported HTML/CSS elements are
    HTML problem checker
    Checks code for errors and warnings.
    Link validation
    Verify links work and go to the right page.
    Image validation
    Check that all your images are loading, secure, and optimized.
    Check how likely an email is to be caught in spam
    Accessibility checker
    Check your email for accessibility issues and best practices
    Powerful reusable codeblocks with javascript like functionality
    Fetch Data
    Import external data from CSVs, RSS feeds, JSON or XML files to swiftly generate content rich emails
    Web scrape
    Scrape web content to swiftly generate content rich emails
    CSS inlining
    Automatically inlines your CSS.
    Makes your exported code human-readable.
    Shrinks your code size and helps prevent clipping in Gmail.
    Auto Encode HTML Entities
    Replace special characters with corresponding HTML entities.
    URL Parameters
    Auto add URL parameters to links.
    Remove unused CSS
    Removes unused CSS from production code.
    Shorten CSS selectors
    Rewrites id and class values to be as short as possible
    Invite your teammates to easily share, collaborate, and review emails.
    Public share links
    Make emails public so anyone can view them.
    Embed emails
    Embed emails on your own website
    PDF proofs
    (Early access) Exportable summary of email analyses and checks.
    Email support
    Private chat--
    Concierge onboarding
    Migration of your existing emails, snippets, and components as well as help setting up your account for success.

    New Domain

    Update your bookmarks - Parcel has a new home at! The address will continue to work.


    The V1 launch also ushers in this changelog, where we'll keep you updated about exciting new functionalities and features as we add them.


    Parcel also now has a blog! Tune in to read our musings from time to time.

    Minor updates and changes

    Parcel has a new and improved logo and color palette!

    Original logo (left) and new logo (right)
    Original logo (left) and new logo (right)

    We've de-saturated the Parcel theme so your own email designs stand out better.