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A weekly newsletter featuring one new thing from an awesome member in our community

Three weeks ago I attended Really Good Email's UNSPAM conference in in South Carolina. An event filled with folks from every role in our industry coming together to talk about Email's big ideas. It was a deeply fulfilling to connect with so many online friends IRL and meet Really Good new folks.

One idea that Matthew Smith (aka @whale) shared during the keynote stuck with me. He said that the RGE team is the Yoda of the story - ugly, small, green, there simply to help along the Skywalkers – all of the members of our community. That struck a cord. He put into words what I've been working towards – to be a small part in helping your work, your career, and our move our industry forward, even just a smidge.

While there is a lot we can do from the product side (i.e. the accessibility tools we just release free for everyone!), there is more we can do to highlight the awesome work from our community.

To that end, today we are sending out the first issue of !important tips this upcoming Monday. Every Monday, you'll get a new tip, tool, or snippet from someone in our community, some of whom you know and some who will be new faces.

I'm so excited to share your work and to continue to learn together!

Happy sending,

Avi Goldman

P.S. if you put something cool out there, let me know!! I can't wait to share it 😄