No vendor lock-in

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Avi Goldman@theavigoldman

We believe in Parcel's strengths. For folks who need a code-first email creation platform, Parcel is the (if I do say so myself). And if it isn't a good fit, we have no interest in making it harder to leave than it was to join.

Recently a Parcel customer went through an internal change that meant they no longer needed Parcel. They canceled and asked for help getting their snippets and emails out of Parcel.

This was our first mass export from Parcel and we had to do a bit of extra work to get all of the files out, on top of the manual work of validating that the files were downloaded correctly and ready to go for the customer's archives.

Not the experience we wanted for our customers. Not having an easy way to pull your files out of Parcel leads to feeling locked in.

Not anymore.

As of today, you can now download a ZIP folder of entire workspaces or all of your snippets with a single click.

If you were worried about being tied to the platform, hopefully, this helps with those fears. Your emails are always yours!

Happy sending!

Avi Goldman