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Parcel Unpacked

Join us virtually on January 17th and 18th, 2023.


See the ins and outs of Parcel from the people that spend the most time with it. Join us for live coding, AMAs, panels, roundtables, and solo sessions from your favorite email developers.

Ready for the mic?

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A sneak peek...

Here’s what we currently have locked in — speaker names and bio’s coming soon.

Email Design Systems

A talented Senior Email Developer walks us through how she's crafted an Email Design System in Parcel that allows her to create 20+ emails in a day..

Live Coding

How many lines of code can be accomplished in 40 minutes? Join us to find out.

Development, a career journey

Learn how other developers came to be in email, and pick up fast track advice on resources to learn to accelerate your own career growth.

Is this your calling?

Here are some talk ideas we’re looking for community members for:

An individual

I code hundreds of emails at an agency, AMA.

A group

Roundtable — my email development journey

An individual

Coding for interactivity, simple solutions that will surprise and delight

A group

Panel - handling email curveballs, such as dark mode and Outlook.

Speaker applications now closed.

Stay tuned, agenda launches on December 12th.

Let's unpack email together.