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Catch up on this two-day, completely immersive virtual conference made for the developer, marketer or strategist looking to dive deep on all things email.

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Thanks for joining in on Parcel Unpacked 2024. Here’s your virtual Goody Bag with links to recordings, resources, a chance to secure a limited edition Unpacked swag, and a future event for your viewing!


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Future Events

Legends of Lifecycle

For all those Legends of Lifecycle out there that own email, and more, we’re hosting an event on February 8th to chat about what 2024 has in store for all of us. Register to secure your spot to join Naomi from Parcel and Wendy from Goody to review trends we’ve identified as ones to watch.

Naomi West
Wendy Zhang

Resources you missed

What's up with the white lines?

If you want to spend more time soaking up the learnings from Jay's talk on Pesky White Lines in Outlook, you can access his slides!

Compare the techniques

You can review the HTML file that Megan and Anne worked on during their talk The Battle of Email Development Techniques.

Sarah Gallardo's blog

If you missed Sarah Gallardo's talk on alt text, you can not only rewatch the recording, but catch up on her writings! Her blog features a collection of in-depth articles covering various aspects of email accessibility, such as link strategies, use of ARIA labels, and the importance of alternative text for images, with the goal of making email a more inclusive communication channel.

The shirt we all need

When Sarah Gallardo took the stage, everyone marvelled at her "My Job is Email" - which you can now buy for yourself!

A Youtube you should subscribe to

Learning from Jennifer doesn't need to stop at Parcel Unpacked, because she has a Youtube filled with fantastic information on email learnings!

Subscribe to Type: E

Paul Airy has for years explored concepts such as typography and accessibility in his newsletter titled Type: E. You should subscribe!

Email support for float

Mark Robbins outlined email support for float with CSS properties.

Support for shadows in email

Mark Robbins outlined the concept of shadows in email with CSS.

Support for shadows in email pt. 2

More on shadows!

Support for shadows in email pt. 3

Shadows continued!

The email geeks community

Are you a member of emailgeeks? Emailgeeks is the online Slack community that is free to join!

Parcel Unpacked registration email

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We can't thank this group of speakers enough for participating in live coding, AMAs, panels, roundtables, and solo sessions at Parcel Unpacked.

Sarah Gallardo

Lead Email Developer

Sarah Gallardo is a lead email developer at Oracle where she enjoys coding emails, solving rendering errors, and making sure emails are accessible to everyone. Her work has provided her with insights into RTL language support, complex modular systems, as well as accessible and inclusive best practices.

Megan Boshuyzen

Senior Email Developer | Sinch Email

Megan Boshuyzen is the award-winning Senior Email Developer at Sinch Email, overseeing email development for Sinch Mailgun, Sinch Mailjet, and Sinch Email on Acid. She also leads Email on Acid’s monthly “Notes from the Dev” show, helping to advance the email development space by spotlighting thought leaders and sharing best practices. A graphic designer turned email developer, Megan believes that well-designed emails can transform the way businesses communicate with their customers and create positive change. Prior to joining Sinch Email, Megan co-founded Mango and Marigold Press – an award-winning, independent publishing house – and went on to spend more than four years building and growing the email program for the Harold Grinspoon Foundation’s PJ Library.

Jay Oram

Head of Dev | ActionRocket

I love email development, the challenges, the code, the community. Day to day I look after code at the digital agency ActionRocket, by night, I sleep (Was you expecting me to say I write code??).

Krystal Sim

Visual Designer

Located in Southern California, Krystal is a freelance visual and web designer with a flair for crafting digital experiences. In 2021, she ventured into the world of web design, embarking on a journey to transform digital landscapes. In her previous role at Unincorporated, a higher ed agency, she’s been fortunate to work with clients in the education space like USC and Trinity College Dublin, bringing their visions to life through visually appealing and user-centric websites. Her expertise lies in creating seamless online experiences that resonate with users through words and align with brand identities. With her expertise and love for reading, her mission is to represent a brand’s humanity online through design and copywriting.

Paul Airy

Accessibility & Usability Consultant / Email Designer & Developer / BeSci Practitioner

Paul Airy is an Email Designer and Developer, Accessibility and Usability Consultant, and Behavioural Science Practitioner – all subjects he’s spoken about at Litmus Live, Inbox Expo and The Email Innovation Summit. He’s also the founder of Beyond the Envelope™ and, of course, Author, Illustrator, Designer and Developer of Type E:

Andrew King

Managing Director & Head Curator | Email Love

I’m an email marketer, agency owner, husband, and dad. I’ve designed, coded, and deployed hundreds of emails (to millions of people) and most recently consulted on email strategy for some of the world’s largest retail, gaming, publishing, and SaaS businesses. I regularly speak at industry events and can often be found pondering the future of email in San Francisco.

Jesse Godfrey

Executive Creative Director

Jesse is the Executive Creative Director at Clemson University and leads creative and brand management for the institution’s in-house marketing team. He also teaches brand design in the Business College. In addition to his role at Clemson, Jesse leads creative for MKTGRhythm, an e-commerce-focused email marketing consultancy where he helps shape clients’ brand presence in the email space.

Hannah Francis

Junior Coder

Meet Hannah, a junior email coder at ActionRocket, with a passion for crafting captivating emails. She seamlessly combines creativity and technical skills to bring emails to life. She’s always open to connect on her social channels!

Cody Stover

Sr. Manager, Demand Generation

Cody has been at for 4+ years, creating emails that sell email products to email people. (Did I say email enough?)

Giorgio Leonardi

Giorgio is a tech and automation geek, based in Italy with marketing experience and an engineering background. After working across different teams, companies and startups, Giorgio knows what truly drives efficiency, control and ROI. He knows how well process automation eliminates the lead to lost time and revenue, while increasing productivity and compliance to better customer experience and performance.

Anne Tomlin

Owner, Emails Y’all

Anne Tomlin is a freelance email developer and the founder of Emails Y’all. Specializing in email development for over a decade, she has worked with such brands as Discovery Inc., NPR, and Cameo. Anne is dedicated to coding accessible, responsive emails that render gorgeously in every major client. She runs Emails Y’all based on the principle that everyone deserves an excellent rendering regardless of their chosen client.

Aaron Hanson

Growth & Lifecycle Marketer

With over 5 years of experience in email marketing, Aaron focuses on developing campaigns that capture attention and encourage engagement. He loves building creative ways to deliver emails that matter, whether it’s by using APIs to trigger emails based on weather conditions or employing AI to scale content generation.

Ollie Williams

UI & UX Web Designer

Oliver Williams has worked on frontend development, design systems and UI/UX design at Springer Nature, giffgaff and Gradle. He was a long-time contributor to CSS Tricks and now writes his own blog,, which focuses on web standards.

Ted Goas

Principal Product Designer, Team Lead

Ted is a product designer, researcher, developer leading teams that turn abstract ideas into usable products. He believes design is about taking the complex and chaotic and making it accessible to people, responsive, and as fast as possible. His goal is to create work that’s cool enough to show his friends and honest enough to show his parents.

Tithi Jasani

Senior Product Designer

Tithi leads the Provider Match product at Included Health and has over 8 years of experience with digital product design in education, healthcare, and manufacturing. Beyond her role, she is enthusiastic about addressing global challenges—tackling climate change, reducing food waste, and enhancing healthcare access. A proud owner of an adorable chihuahua, Tithi finds joy in both professional and personal pursuits and spends her free time dancing, skiing, and creating beautiful art.

Jennifer Birks

Senior Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engineer

Jen is a Senior Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engineer at The LEGO Group, and extends her email expertise to the wider community through her YouTube channel, "The Email Code.” Jen has been developing emails for over 10 years, and has been lucky enough to learn email mastery alongside some of the best designers, copywriters and strategists in the business. A self-confessed “Massive Email Geek”, Jen is passionate about empowering organisations to unlock the full potential of their email marketing efforts.

Naomi West

Product Marketing Manager | Parcel

Naomi is a passionate Lifecycle Marketer with over six years of experience in B2B and SaaS. She loves the capabilities of marketing automation and enjoys writing about the intricacies of email that can result in a brand standing out in the inbox.

Mark Robbins

Software Engineer | Parcel

I’ve been working in email for over 10 years, pushing email markup to it’s limits with interactive email and working to make email better for everyone with my work on email accessibility. I am a member of the AMP for Email working group and a co-founder/co-admin of the Email Markup Consortium.

Avi Goldman

Director of Email Platform

Avi Goldman is the founder of Parcel, the Email Coding Platform. With a background in software engineering, Avi is an email geek who enjoys building solutions that make people’s lives easier. In his free time, he indulges in various hobbies and activities.

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