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Summer Sessions

During the month of August, come join fellow #emailgeeks to chat all things email. Whether you have an opinion to share, or prefer to be an active listener, there's space for you!

Email chats with email people

Do you miss water cooler chats with your coworkers about the latest email client bug? Or perhaps you're navigating through company growing pains and want to hear how others have handled them? Come join Parcel Summer Sessions for an hour once a week to get just that.

Upcoming Sessions

If you have thoughts on any of the sessions below and would like to partake in the kickoff panel (first 10 minutes), send us a message!

August 2023

Changing Landscapes - Apple iOS17, BIMI, all the good stuff

Another Fall, another shift in how we track our metric successes. Remember good ol' September 2021? We do. What does iOS17 have in store for us this time? Tune in to chat through the latest changes in the landscape we call email marketing.

Developing Processes Amongst a Scaling Team

What's been the biggest pain point amongst team dynamics for you? Has it been being an IC for a long period of time, or scaling a team to 15 individuals? Are more cooks in the kitchen something to be weary of?

How AI Fits into Email

You might have strong opinions about generative AI, such as copywriting and image creation. But are there other opportunities with assistive AI that could power the way we work as email marketers and creators?

The Age of Email Fatigue

Why everyone sending emails for BFCM means no one succeeds. Let’s chat about the Mother's Day opt-outs, sale emails, and out-of-the-box email templates from vendors.

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