Parcel & Startups

Parcel and have teamed up to support startups in creating great emails and building strong relationships by offering 3-months of Parcel for free.


Great emails 🤝 right time, the powerful messaging automation platform, offers a two-tiered startup program, enabling startups with less than $2 million in funding to power their communication with at a reduced cost for up to a year. While additionally, coming with the added perk of three months of Parcel at no cost.


Import easily, export with one-click

Parcel and work seamlessly to allow for an easy email editing experience.

Easily import

Bring existing campaigns into Parcel with a simple importing experience.

Edit with ease

Compliment the Journey’s code editor with Parcel features like transformers, components, and inbox previews.

Export to Journeys

When you’re ready to send, export your email file back into Journeys to create a perfect broadcast or campaign.


We’re here to help

Both and Parcel know the importance of the first relationships with your community when you’re building your first product. We also know that budgetary constraints can make things more stressful than they need to be. We are excited to be able to offer over $1,800 in savings with the Startup Program so that you can focus on building relationships that matter, without worrying about at what cost.

Ready to dive in?

To leverage savings, you must be approved for the Startup Program. You can apply below and select Parcel as your referrer, as well as sign up for Parcel for free in the meantime!