PDF Exports

Improve stakeholder approval timelines and internal documentation with hard copies of your email.

If you’re looking for an easy way to create hard-copy documentation of your email, look no further than PDF exports. Once downloaded, these can be great for internal sharing (need we mention legal approval) because they include previews of your email across desktop and mobile and any validation checks you ran during QA.

Screen recording of creating a PDF Export

What do PDF Exports include?

Your PDF export will always include a desktop preview, sized at a 700px screenshot. You’ll be given the option also to include a mobile screenshot sized at 320px, a dark mode rendering of desktop, and a plain text version of the email.

You can also include a report of both link and image validation. Perfect for sharing with internal stakeholders that links are secure and navigating where they should be. Following suit, image validation will include previews and approval that all images are valid and loading correctly.

SpamAssassin is the third report you can attach to your PDF, giving your email a score. SpamAssassin is a tool used for email deliverability testing, and the corresponding score reflects potential inbox placement. Scores that sit above 5.0 suggest that there is a potential that it may not land in the inbox. If aspects of your email are flagged in the SpamAssassin score breakdown that might be contributing to deliverability issues, this is an area where you can flag this with your internal team to drive change.

PDF Export of Parcel's Default Email

What can PDF reports be used for?

  • Legal approval.
  • Documentation for internal teams. One request that a marketer might face from their colleagues is “someone received an email saying x, can you confirm?” with PDF reports, you can create an internal repository of your emails so that customer-facing teams are able to view your communication. One benefit is at the top of all PDF exports, you can choose to include a live link of your email in case any additional changes have been made since you’ve downloaded the hardcopy PDF.
  • Portfolios. Perfect for showing off your work during job applications.

PDF Exports are available on the Business tier.