How Parcel Streamlined Email Creation and Testing for Bilt Rewards

Of all the tools I use regularly, Parcel is the one I would be kicking and screaming about if you tried to take it away from me. - Sean from Bilt Rewards

Prior to Parcel, Sean managed email creation across Google Docs, Figma, Sublime Text, Braze, and Google Sheets… all while solely responsible for lifecycle marketing. This role includes responsibility for acquisition, activation, and retention. Sound familiar? Sound relatable? We’re keeping you in our thoughts.

Here’s how Sean took back valuable time by bringing Parcel into his tech stack.

Juggling a large workload

Bilt Reward’s mission is to help customers pave a path to homeownership through renting. The typical renter spends 30% of their income on rent but can’t earn rewards for doing so. Bilt gives renters the ability to earn points on their rent, to report rent payments to the credit bureaus to build their credit score, and then gives individuals the ability to use points towards rent or a downpayment on a house.

Fellow Lifecycle Marketers, are you also brainstorming all the potential email touch points with the above?

Lifecycle marketing is key for Bilt Rewards, from nurturing a new user through onboarding, reminding individuals that 1st of the month purchases result in double the points, or winning back lapsed users that have a remaining balance; it’s clear that this type of communication holds a lot of opportunity to build customer relationships.

When you’re a team of one, managing the workload across multiple locations, stakeholders, and using a handful of tools to check the design and deployment of your email can be time-consuming, to say the least.

Introducing Parcel

Because Parcel is built as an email-first tool, it ingests data from Caniemail, checks for accessibility, minifies your code, and checks for spam placement. This alone eliminates multiple tabs and websites that Sean was managing prior. The source of truth for email creation and testing is now operating out of one tab.

When introduced to Parcel, Sean was able to collate email creation jobs that he previously leaned on Sublime Text for, into Parcel.

Everything got faster, and more efficient.

Sean can organize emails by folder, quickly jump between open files, and manage versions.

Code, now easier and organized

Bilt Rewards now confidently send emails that are accessible to all recipients. And when emails are accessible to all, Bilt Rewards is more likely to build strong and lasting customer relationships.

The time Sean saves with Parcel can be put towards scaling other opportunities in the program. For example, Parcel’s progressive enhancement calculator enabled Sean to make a case for why certain email development aspects are worth pursuing and others aren’t worth the time. Without proper data, these dilemmas previously took time away from Sean’s workday.

The Parcel team is thrilled to be a key part of Lifecycle Marketing at Bilt Rewards. Time savings for small teams is definitely worth kicking and screaming over! We'd fight for that too, Sean!